Some Restaurants Should Be Nice...

by Martini-Corona, concerning the matter of Tasty Things

...for the nice people.

om nom nom

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Tiny mouse surprise mug

by oboreruhito, concerning the matter of Tasty Things

On etsy, via Sam:


From the item description:

This sweet little mouse hides in the glossy green interior of his white mug, huddling quietly, listening & hoping you won't notice he's there until the very last sip...just waiting to be discovered after finishing a cup of milk (hot cocoa? soup?). I use similar cups at home to motivate my picky eater: “Okay, drink enough that you can see the bunny's head.”

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The drunk fox jumped over the lazy dog

by C. Fernsebner, concerning the matter of Tasty Things

If you don't have a valid driver's license, passport, or Massachusetts liquor ID to certify that you are 21 or older, please move on to the next post about meerkats or plush toys in the shape of whatever clever thing they're making plush toys of now.

My mother has kindly entrusted me with her beer coaster collection, which includes several for German brews. My favorite (though I've never tasted it) is Fuchsbüchler Berg Pils, because their mascot is a tiny, drunk fox, letterpressed in fetching orange-red and green and clutching a stein.


Remember Aesop's fable about the wily fox and the beer? The moral of the story is that beer is delicious.

Previously on Adorablog: Cherry ale, with Pucca.

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Twink's toy pianos, bunnies and ice cream

by oboreruhito, concerning the matter of Bunnies, Tasty Things, Technological Advances

Boston musician Mike Langlie, aka Twink, has been collecting toy pianos — and performing with them — for years.

NPR featured one of his songs, the See-'n'-Say-sampling "Do You Hear the Frog?", from his self-titled 2003 album (and 32-page picture book!).


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Hello Kitty + Totoro + bento

by oboreruhito, concerning the matter of Crafts, Kittens, Tasty Things

ayanamadoka, via Fashionably Cute:
There's quite a few very impressive pieces of food art at ayanamadoka's blog.

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Fell out of the cute tree and hit every branch on the way down

by C. Fernsebner, concerning the matter of Tasty Things


For Adorablog readers of legal drinking age only: Esteemed New Hampshire microbrewery Smuttynose has just put out a refreshing, tart spring beer, Hanami Ale. It's brewed with cherry juice but, unlike a kriek lambic, it looks like an amber with a slight blush, and it's more malty than sweet.

The packaging features Pucca (the sweetly belligerent Korean anti-Hello Kitty) and, in lieu of the usual prose, describes the beverage with several haiku:

Delicate flowers
Like cherry blossom petals
A new beer is made

Pucca picnics with sushi and a maneki neko under a blooming cherry tree. (Garu, her taciturn ninja boyfriend with "silent jumping power," is nowhere to be seen.)

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Cupcakes of Catan

by a-dog, concerning the matter of Tasty Things


Many have been charmed by the German board game Settlers of Catan, discovering the clever strategies required to harvest resources and build settlements as pioneers on an uncharted island. Yet, many players may have felt that the game was lacking a certain something. What could it have been?

The answer is obvious as soon as you think about it: cupcakes, of course!

Cupcakes of Catan is a game of Settlers played entirely with cupcakes. As explained in the photo set: "pretzels with frosting were the roads, mini chocolate cupcakes with thin layers of frosting were the settlements and mini lemon cupcakes with big swirls of buttercream and sprinkles were the cities." The biggest cupcakes represented the resources: red vanilla cupcakes topped with almond cream cheese and red Twizzlers for clay, lemon macadamia nut cupcakes with lemon buttercream for wheat. And the inhospitable desert space, at the centre of the board, was represented by the far more hospitable chocolate cupcake with cinnamon sugar crystals.

The creator of Cupcakes of Catan, QuintanaRoo, has posted many other cupcake photos as well. We approve. We always approve of cupcakes.

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A delicious cake you eat on birthdays

by oboreruhito, concerning the matter of Paper Goods, Tasty Things, Technological Advances


Insert Credit, via Kotaku.

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Pudding from the Future

by C. Fernsebner, concerning the matter of Tasty Things


Adorablog representatives recently visited Rice To Riches in Soho. We're puzzled by this New Yorkish thing where a restaurant only has to serve one dish, but when that one dish happens to be rice pudding, we're willing to try it. Flying-saucer-shaped tupperware and brushed-metal typography don't hurt, either.



So we ordered an "epic"-sized bowl of "Man Made Mascarpone with Cherries", and we only regret that we didn't take home about a dozen more flavors. We'll have to be back for "Take Me To Tiramasu" and "French Toast".

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Rootbeer Float Cookies

by C. Fernsebner, concerning the matter of Tasty Things


Culinary in the Desert: "The main jolt of flavor comes from crushed A&W root beer barrels which are blended into the dough - the smaller pieces melt into the cookie and the larger ones create pockets bursting of root beer." (Recipe here. More tasty pictures here.)

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