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Fell out of the cute tree and hit every branch on the way down

by C. Fernsebner, concerning the matter of Tasty Things


For Adorablog readers of legal drinking age only: Esteemed New Hampshire microbrewery Smuttynose has just put out a refreshing, tart spring beer, Hanami Ale. It's brewed with cherry juice but, unlike a kriek lambic, it looks like an amber with a slight blush, and it's more malty than sweet.

The packaging features Pucca (the sweetly belligerent Korean anti-Hello Kitty) and, in lieu of the usual prose, describes the beverage with several haiku:

Delicate flowers
Like cherry blossom petals
A new beer is made

Pucca picnics with sushi and a maneki neko under a blooming cherry tree. (Garu, her taciturn ninja boyfriend with "silent jumping power," is nowhere to be seen.)

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