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Just a little guy...

by benjamin scott-hopkins, concerning the matter of Babies, Tasty Things, Words

Well, I hope this hasn't been posted here, but it may be my new favorite blog ... For one thing, it's so cute I have trouble breathing. Ok, fine, that's not too hard to pull off with modern technology. For another thing, he's very principled. Apart from one link to a google video of a puppy in free fall, she has a strict "no domesticated animals" policy. Anyone can put a tiny kitten in a Nixon mask and start a website, or whatever, but who else has photos of Darlingest Anteater?


Finally, I really like this guy's style. It seems difficult to remain hard-core, gangsta, and "street" while discussing wuzzy bunnies, but she manages to pull it off, as in this quote discussing the Japanese Flying Squirrel:

The one on the right looks like he's about to fall off. He's just barely got a grip with his toes and his ass is hanging waaaaay off the back of that stick. Woops, falls backwards grabs his friend and they both plummet to their bloody death right? Wrong, douche! These are Momonga, the dwarf Japanese Flying Squirrel. They can fucking fly.

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Agree 100%. It is also my "new favorite blog" for two reasons: 1) good lord the cute; and 2) I just love the idea that this guy probably settles down to sleep each night while thinking of new ways to bust out loving, compassionate profanity for the next picture of a hairless wombat to stumble into his inbox.

Posted by: Otter at Jan 24, 2006 1:49:32 PM