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Cute Antarctica

by C. Fernsebner, concerning the matter of Penguins


Cool Antarctica: "Newly born Weddell seal pups have to be some of the worlds cutest creatures as they flop about the ice in the early days after their birth, not able to co-ordinate their over-sized flippers before they grow into them." See also: lone penguin walking off in a huff; Adelie penguin chick covered in mud; elephant seals being lazy together; watching boiling-hot water freeze in midair; playing peek-a-boo with young fur seals:

This particular seal followed me for about 20 minutes or so as we played a game of peek-a-boo, him in the sea and me behind the rocks. He might look a bit manic, but it was all great fun.

I'd hide behind a rock and he's wander up and down making the pouff-pouff sound then I'd jump out from the rock and he'd leap into the sea in mock panic. A couple of powerful strokes of the flippers and he'd turn back round, shoot out of the sea and land virtually at my feet - my turn to leap away in (not always mock) panic.

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