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Adorablog: The FAQ

by C. Fernsebner

Q. how do I log in?

A. go to and enter the username and password you signed up with.

Q. I have something adorable to share that is neither a kitten nor a language nor a tasty thing. how do I make a new category for my post?

A. you ask me. I'm not given the option of delegating that repsonsibility to you, so email me (christine at sushiesque dot com) or IM me or call me, and I'll add a more suitable category as soon as I'm near a computer.

in the mean time, go ahead and post without a category selected. I can go in and give your post a category (mwahahah!) when I add it.

Q. I have something that isn't strictly adorable, or something that not everyone finds cute (babies, etc).

A. go ahead and post it.

Q. I want to use a picture in my post or upload a file.

A. TypePad just improved the interface for that, so there are instructions for that at Everything TypePad.

to place a picture in the body of your post, click the little round button with the camera. If it's a large image, I suggest unchecking the box that says "default" and checking the box that'll appear that says "create thumbnail" -- 240 pixels wide is good; 100 if you're wrapping text around it.

for files, click the little document button. It'll insert a link into your post (you can change anything between the <a href="blahblahblah"> and </a> tags).

Q. I have a question that is not addressed here.

A. click on "help" at the top of the TypePad interface, or check the user manual or Everything TypePad or contact me (email, IM, phone, postcard).

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