Abandoned chemical weapons plant is overrun with fluffy bunnies

by a-dog, concerning the matter of Bunnies, Current Affairs

Never mind swords into ploughshares. Turn swords into bunny food.

In Japan, of course.

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The Stuffed Bear Liberation Front

by gus andrews, concerning the matter of Current Affairs

saves one of its own in New Hampshire (and stops for a little snack in the middle of a crime spree).

(Best comment from the source article in NY Magazine: "This is completely irresponsible representation of black bears by the media - white bears commit home invasions just as much or even more. Why do those stories hibernate while the poohsecution of blacks continues?")

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Dashing through the crime rate

by a-dog, concerning the matter of Current Affairs, Technological Advances

What's the best way to prevent purse-snatching at Christmas time?

Jingle bells! 

And this year they're bigger, too. 

Bells on bobtails ring, making spirits bright - and they fight crime!

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Cutie Gadget

by unsinn, concerning the matter of Technological Advances

Sometimes when you're doing a Google Image search for "cute whale", you come up with so much more than you bargained for. Like, say an entire blog reviewing cute gadgets. It's in English for the most part, but it seems to be Japanese in origin, which leads to extra language cuteness, like in this page I clicked in on:

7. Cute Whale Mascot USB Drive

USB Whale

It has additional function : as a  mp3 player. Has 512 mb, it’s big enough for store many music… It’s a really adorable gadget, Sweet! I love cute mascot!


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Zip, zip, zip

by gus andrews, concerning the matter of Babies, Ponies

This colt can't see anything, but he obviously loves the feeling of playing with zippers.

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by gus andrews, concerning the matter of Babies, Kittens, Technological Advances

Cute in the original version, hilarious in the live-action version... how to make it even cuter and funnier? Japanese kindergarteners!

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by a-dog, concerning the matter of Kittens, Technological Advances

Kittens + Wii = double the happy.

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Kitten power!

by a-dog, concerning the matter of Kittens



In case the world needed more demonstration that kittens are a force to be reckoned with: In Florida, two six-month-old kittens, named Fuzzy and Hardy, have just chased a 200-pound bear up a tree, where it currently remains. Fuzzy and Hardy could not be reached for comment.

(Hat tip: L.E.)

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If the slide will not come to Buddha,

by gus andrews, concerning the matter of Babies

Buddha will go down the slide (along with MeFi founder Matt Haughey's daughter). From his comment on the photo: "[She] loves Thai Buddhas we've seen in other gardens so we bought one last summer. Today she decided it was a friend to pal around with so she went on the swings with it and down the slide several times."

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One thousand onesies

by C. Fernsebner, concerning the matter of Babies



Hand-decorated at Gwynne & Gabe's baby shower. More pictures here.

Continue reading "One thousand onesies"

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Some Restaurants Should Be Nice...

by Martini-Corona, concerning the matter of Tasty Things

...for the nice people.

om nom nom

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Tiny mouse surprise mug

by oboreruhito, concerning the matter of Tasty Things

On etsy, via Sam:


From the item description:

This sweet little mouse hides in the glossy green interior of his white mug, huddling quietly, listening & hoping you won't notice he's there until the very last sip...just waiting to be discovered after finishing a cup of milk (hot cocoa? soup?). I use similar cups at home to motivate my picky eater: “Okay, drink enough that you can see the bunny's head.”

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2-year-old playing Rock Band

by oboreruhito, concerning the matter of Babies, Technological Advances

Via Joystiq:

"Want me to turn it up loud?"

"Turn it LOUUU-UD."

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The drunk fox jumped over the lazy dog

by C. Fernsebner, concerning the matter of Tasty Things

If you don't have a valid driver's license, passport, or Massachusetts liquor ID to certify that you are 21 or older, please move on to the next post about meerkats or plush toys in the shape of whatever clever thing they're making plush toys of now.

My mother has kindly entrusted me with her beer coaster collection, which includes several for German brews. My favorite (though I've never tasted it) is Fuchsbüchler Berg Pils, because their mascot is a tiny, drunk fox, letterpressed in fetching orange-red and green and clutching a stein.


Remember Aesop's fable about the wily fox and the beer? The moral of the story is that beer is delicious.

Previously on Adorablog: Cherry ale, with Pucca.

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